Private Pilot Ground School

Part I

Orientation & Aerodynamics

In this first lesson we’ll talk about what you can expect from class, the goals you’ll achieve, how to use your books, how to study, and more. After the Orientation we will get right into lesson content with Aerodynamics. Why not start with how an airplane actually flies?

Part II

Pilot & Human Factors

We now start into our “PAVE” by starting with P for Pilot. In this new world of aviation, how does one harmoniously meld man and machine? As land based, imperfect creatures, we are often our own worst enemies in a cockpit. We’ll learn how to bring things in balance, in addition to many of the regulations of being a pilot.

Part III

Aircraft Systems & Regulations

Continuing on with PAVE we now come to the “A” which stands for Aircraft. In this lesson you’ll learn how the various systems of the aircraft keep us moving along nicely, in addition to the instruments that help us maintain precise navigation. We’ll follow that up with a healthy dose of aircraft specific regulations.

Part IV

Weather Theory

We are ready, the airplane is ready, and now it’s time to plan our flight. Starting with weather we will now go through each and every detail of the flight to ensure we are ‘in the know’. No, you aren’t expected to be a meteorologist, but you’ll know more about weather after this course than the average Joe/Jane.

Part V

Weather Services & Strategies

Now that you know a bit about how weather is formed, it’s time to look at the charts and take advantages of the services for aviation weather. By having a complete picture of what you can expect for your flight, you can strategize, roll with the changing weather, and stay safe. Not only that, we’ll talk a lot about the workflow involved in planning weather for a flight.

Part VI

Weight and Balance & Performance

Can you really just load anything you want in the airplane? Can you take off or land in any type of conditions, regardless of the runway length? Of course these are rhetorical questions, but we want real answers and real numbers for performance calculations. That is what today’s lesson is all about.

Part VII

Airport Operations

The airport seems like a prison in reverse, with a fence surrounding it and keeping us from all the fun. From airport to airport, how do pilots know how to safely use such a large variety of airports? Well, it comes down to standardization of signs, markings, procedures and communications.


Airspace and Charts

How controls the air? The FAA controls the air. That’s why there is so much airspace. But you’d never know. Without looking at a chart, you’d never know there was such complexity to the rules of the sky. But, alas, there is. On this lesson we’ll be dispelling some of that mystery.

Part IX

Flight Planning, Live

Now we will bring together PAVE into a practical setting, where we’ll look at flights from the class body to actually perform. Along the way we’ll bring in tidbits on navigation and planning.

Part X

Test Taking, Last Class & Questions

Can you believe it? Time has truly flown as we’ve taken a dive into the deep world of aviation knowledge. This isn’t the end of the journey, but only part of the beginning. This lesson we’ll talk about test taking techniques, answer class questions, and more.