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Absorb all aviation has to offer, with a wide range of fun and required topics


Get your endorsement to pass your FAA Written Test, used to pass a Private Pilot Checkride


Not just the required topics, but real world and relatable stories and experiences


Prepare for a lifetime as a pilot with a safe attitude and a desire to learn

AviatorTraining Ground School


Learning to become a pilot is a journey and not a race.

Aviation isn’t just a whole industry, it’s a way of life. While you are gaining the knowledge you need to be a pilot, you’ll also learn about the attitudes and attributes that make a sharp and safe pilot. Beyond the subjects you’ll study is a whole community of other passionate pilots, just as eager to learn.


A lot like an in person class, but wherever you are.

Watch our Live classes where you can interact with an instructor and ask questions. Take time and slow down as a class on topics that are more difficult, and learn from other insightful thoughts and questions.


Flying in Alaska is challenging and real.

We think we’re pretty lucky to get to fly in Alaska. Our home base here at AviatorTraining is just minutes away from the backcountry. Year round we face ever-changing and challenging weather. No matter the time or place, we’re always having to apply important aviation knowledge in a real way.


Pass your FAA Written Test, required to become a Private Pilot.

One of the main goals of the class is to successfully prepare you to pass the FAA Written Test for the Private Pilot License. This is no small group of subjects. Over the duration of our class, we’ll be focusing on building a solid base of aviation knowledge, in addition to sharing tips and answering questions from the Written Test.


Build a relationship with your instructor and fellow community students, not a one way conversation

Remember in school when you could ask a teacher a question right away? In our live classes, you’ll be able to ask questions, interact with other students, and feel part of a classroom type experience. If you can’t join our live sessions, you can get your questions answered as well through comments or email.

Students on Graduation Day at AviatorTraining in Alaska


To drive efficiency, development organizations must address those factors in a holistic fashion.

Of course, you want a high score on your Written Test. Since when did a high test score mean someone was automatically good at something? By starting with a base of solid knowledge first, you’ll pass the Written Test as a result of your knowledge. True value is being a lifelong, safe aviator, not passing a single test with a high score. We focus on the whole picture.


Playback on virtually any device that is connected to the internet.


If you miss a live class session, you can play it back later.


Enjoy 30 hours of jam packed, in-depth training.


Each live class session can last as long as 3 hours. There will be breaks as well.


10 class sessions at 3 hours each is 30 hours of training. Duration could be longer or shorter, as needed.


We will be doing 2 classes per week. Right now we’re thinking Tuesday and Thursday.


Plan on about 5 weeks from start to finish. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Where We Fly

Alaska requires the best from a pilot.

Our training is greatly enhanced by the lessons learned at our home base. 

Course Instructor

Chris Palmer

AviatorTraining Founder | Chief CFI


Your instructor has a long history in both online media and aviation training. In 2006 Chris founded Angle of Attack, specializing in flight simulation training. More recently he has worked on large scale training projects for major manufacturers and airlines. His passion is in general aviation and seeing the success of each individual student. Today he sees that success on a daily basis with students at AviatorTraining in Homer, Alaska.

Books Included

The Kit includes:

  • Pilot Briefcase
  • The Complete Private Pilot
  • Private Pilot Test Prep book
  • FAR/AIM book
  • Visualized Flight Maneuvers Handbook (for High-Wing Aircraft)
  • The Complete Private Pilot Syllabus
  • Private Oral Exam Guide
  • Airman Certification Standards for Private Pilot
  • Fiberboard E6-B flight computer
  • Ultimate Rotating Plotter
  • Standard Pilot Logbook
  • Student Pilot Guide

Class Schedule

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about when the class sessions will be. It was my original intent to let the final class vote on the times, but as I see it is a barrier to signing up, here’s what I’m thinking: class would be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at around 8PM EST. This means that most timezones would be able to participate. Please let me know if that works for you.

Limited Enrollment

Putting on a class takes a lot of time, effort and focus. Because this course is individualized to the student, with lots of personal attention, we have a small window for open enrollment. This gives us several weeks to prepare course materials, send out books, and take care of odds-and-ends so we have a smooth, successful class.

Class is in Session

We are currently in the process of holding a Live Online Ground School. We take limited applicants to give each student person attention. Signup for our email list and we’ll let you know when the next ground school will happen.


Live, Online Ground School (no books)
One Time
  • Ground School
  • Pass the Written Test
  • Real World Lessons
  • Live, Online
  • Any Device
  • Playback Anytime
  • 30 Hours of Lessons (approx)

Got more questions? Email us. We’re here to help.

Get Notified About a Future Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What days of the week and what time is class held?

Right now we’re shooting for Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Likely starting at 8PM and running until 11PM Eastern

Is ground school the same as ground instruction given by a flight instructor(according to the FAR/Aim)?

There is a difference between ground school and ground instruction. Ground instruction is typically given during a flight lesson before and/or after the flight portion of the lesson. Ground School meets a requirement to pass what is called a Written Test, required by the FAA. This Knowledge Test requires understanding of many subjects areas. Without a Ground School course, students won’t have a head-start when going to those flight lessons, and will likely spend more time and money getting their license.

Do I need to do flight training at the same time as ground school, and why?

Starting concurrently is the bare minimum. To start Flight Training first, and ground training (or ground school) later, will mean increases in time and cost. Students are best prepared by first taking a ground school, and then going to flight lessons, or at the very least starting them concurrently.

Is there an order in which a student pilot should attack the different stages of certification?

While you can start flight training without having started a Ground School, you’ll find that your progress is slowed by not knowing the subjects ahead of time. By having much of the book/class knowledge out of the way with a Ground School before starting, you’ll find your progress through flight training is much faster.

Does a Written Test expire?

The Written Exam is valid for 2 years after the date of completion, giving the student more than enough time to go through flight training.

How can this course be applied to an official PPL exam?

There are three tests required to become a private pilot; a Written Exam, Oral Exam and Practical Test. The Oral Exam and Practical Test are commonly referred to as the Checkride. The Checkride cannot begin without the Written Exam being completed ahead of time.

Our Ground School will help you complete and pass that required Written Test that you can then take to your Checkride.

Should I complete my ground school before flight training or is it better to do complete further along training?

As mentioned in other answers above, Ground School is much better completed prior to or at at the start of flight training.

Can this course replace an official course from an accredited flight school?

This course is accredited by way of our instructor being FAA certificated. It counts just like any other school or University.

Does it matter that I essentially know nothing?

Nope. That’s the assumption we start with, that the class is starting from nothing. We’ll cover it from the ground up.

Are the books a necessary purchase? For example I already own FAR/AIM...

The other books are quite necessary, especially the actually flight planning tools you’ll be required to use on the test. Unfortunately, it does come with a bit of book work. There’s no way to get by without having some reading time involved. The FAR/AIM changes from year to year, and ends up being a waste if used in paper form. I prefer to use an app for FAR/AIM because it’s searchable. I’ll talk about that in the class as well (and how to manage a lot of other data)

Will you offer another class in the future?

Likely, yes, but I don’t have a timeframe for now. It’ll be a few months at least. This is a good time to get the ground school done as weather only gets better after March, which is better for the flying part of training.


Join our unique Ground School and get started toward your Private Pilot License.