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Part III

What’s Next?

At this point in Guide to the Sky you’re armed with more information than most pilots start with. Great job for staying here and sticking with it.

We’ve discussed all along that our main goal is for you to take that “First Step”. This video is all about that first step and what’s next.

In this video, we cover the following topics:

  • Quick recap of videos 1 and 2

  • Community Questions:

    • Cost

    • Time

  • The FL300 View

  • Your First Step

Community Comments:

"Any final questions, or things I didn’t cover? Anything preventing you from starting this journey? I’ll answer them directly in the comments."

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Thanks Chris , for presenting the “Guide to the Sky” series. I feel more encouraged now to get into the air. I would be very interested in taking your ground school. It would be a great supplement to my home studying that I have been doing. Some subjects. I feel, are classroom types of subjects. So, a classroom ground school would be a big help. I started out going through your teaching for the 747 on cd and then did the Aviator and Aviator Pro lessons. I really enjoyed the way you taught them and always the “Throttle On”.

Chuck Gardner

Thanks, Chuck. I noticed that when I did ground school in person with students that the class was a lot more dynamic and enjoyable. As much as I am a believer in online and digital, I’m even more of a believer in affective learning. Hope you get to jump on board! It’d be great to have you.

Thx Chris. Man, I started flight sim in 2006 while in university and basically have grown up learning flying on VATSIM along with your videos.

When I heard your distinctive voice, I felt emotional and nostalgic. I missed those videos so much. Those days were great.

Throttle On!!!

Thank you very much Chris, the videos are great as all the material you prepare.

Although I have my licence yet, maybe I enroll to your Ground School learn more about aviation.

Congratulations for!!!

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