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You’ve made it! Congratulations on starting your journey to becoming a pilot, even an aviator. Starting takes a brave first step, and you’ve done exactly that.

In this video, we cover the following topics:

  • The “One Thing” we will accomplish in this course

  • A brief history of Chris (chief CFI) & AviatorTraining

  • Paths in Aviation

    • Recreational

    • Commercial

    • Military

  • The Ultimate Adventure: Recreational Flying

  • The Pilot Shortage: Opportunities in Commercial Aviation

  • The Defense Shortage: Serve, Protect, Fly

  • Community Questions:

    • Age: Young & Old

    • Fears & Misc

    • Cost & Time

  • A Caution

  • Next Video Topics

Community Comments:

"When, and where, did you first fall in love with aviation? What does your future in aviation look like, if everything went your way?"

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Hey Chris, I’m 26 years old and have no experience. I am limited on money but my goal is to fly for a major airlines one day. It will take me years to afford all the courses need. So I’m guessing I will be around 35 before I can apply for a large company. Is that to old to get a job with a larger company? Did I wait to long to start flying? Thank you

Thanks for the awesome question. When someone is dedicated to doing this as a career, then it’s time to think about some other options. Very few pilots are able to get through pilot training without considering loans. Most flight schools/banks can work with loans to help you go at a steady pace through your training.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this for someone doing it for Recreational purposes. But when there is a job at the other end, it makes a lot of sense to do what needs to be done to get through your training.

Each situation is different, but the decision to go for this career is a big one when it comes to life changes. In other words, if your goal really is to be a pilot for a living, then everything is going to change: job, where you live, etc.

If your goal is to fly for a major airline, it’s better to get started now, get through your training, and start building hours. In a little over a year you could be a commercial pilot if you really dedicate yourself full time, and then you’ll be making money as a pilot, and be getting paid to build hours toward 1500 hours which is required to start at an airline.

26 is not too old. 35 is not too old. But I hope you see that waiting unnecessarily for 9 years, while you can be building hours and experience (even at an airline) is the way to go.

Thank you for the response. Are they any specific places to get loans for flight training?

It really depends on the school. Feel free to ask them what it’s all about. The larger the school the better the options. But even local schools can get good rates because of partnerships with local banks.

AOPA gives loans for instruction

I don’t necessarily recommend loans unless going for commercial, though. There are a lot of scholarships out there, too.

Great beginning overview. Its funny that my dream of flying started at a young age blowing up models and flying control line models. One day at the local airport there was a p 51 and I fell in love with it and said someday I want to fly one of those. I started that dream in high school taking two years of aviation. I tried to go into the air force to become a fighter pilot but my eyesight wasn’t good enough 20/40. Then life happened and a family. Now 40 yrs later kids grown and time on my hands I am ready to make that dream a reality. I have started an online ground school (king) and am determined to become a pilot. Looking forward to your next video. I am in Vermont and if I was closer would consider your school for flight training. Joe

Joe, it’d be great to be able to train with you here in Alaska, but that’s not always possible. I find that your story is very typical. Family is so important, most important, which delays a lot of peoples dreams. That’s ok. You’re here now, ready to rock!

Are you enjoying the journey so far learning the ground school knowledge?

Hi Chris. You may remember me from your Angle of Attack courses. I think I’m finally ready to move off of flight simulator, and get some real experience. I have the same story as so many others… I’ve always wanted to fly, but as a teenager, I had no money, and my parents wouldn’t pay for flight training. In college, I still had no money, and no time with my studies. Started my professional career and had no time. Got married and started a family, really had no time, and back to having no money again. Now I’m 54 and my kids have moved out, I’m drowning in their tuition debt, but I believe now is the time to fulfill my dream. I would love to just get my Private Pilot license, and maybe change my career to something dealing with aviation. Maybe managing or working at an FBO.

My biggest concerns with getting a PPL is I’m a very nervous person. I would probably pass out during the Check Ride because I’d be so nervous. I think the only reason I received my drivers license was the examiner felt sorry for me shaking with nerves the whole time. The other thing I realized that I was really bad at from your AOA course is that I’m really bad talking on the radio. It’s not Mic fright, it’s more like I can’t say what my mind wants me to say over the radio.

I look forward to the next couple of Guide to the Sky videos.

Hey Greg,
You’ll notice Joe’s comment is a lot like yours. Always loved it, but family and career got in the way. I too faced that in a small way, as you saw on the video. I think if I didn’t already have an established business in aviation, it would have been likely that I wouldn’t have come back for a good while.

Now with the kids gone, getting a PPL could be huge for your family — go see the kids at school, or pick them up at school, dating your wife again, etc. Lots of new and great adventures to have!

The nerves are very common when it comes to communication. As you’ll see mentioned many times in the NEXT video, everyone has things they run up against when doing flight training. That’s why the typical finishing hours is 60 hours rather than at the 40 minimum.

If you go into your training with your instructor, being really honest about these things, then they can help you work through it for the entirety of your license. Becoming a pilot really is about becoming our best selves, in a lot of ways. There are life things we all have to overcome during the process, like fears.

I hope you enjoy the next videos.

I have wanted to learn to fly since I was very young, I have tried to take lessons before but my first instructor was killed in a aviation accident and when I tried to take lessons a second time my instructor wife was dying of cancer and he would have to cancel my lessons to the point that I just gave up. I am now 63 and want to finally fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot. I want to use my time to fly for non-profits like Angel Flight , Doctors without boarders etc.

Wow, what a hard way to start. I can’t imagine. I haven’t lost anyone close in aviation. It’s better late than never, of course. Also, yes, Angel Flight and Pilots and Paws and a bunch of those non-profits are so cool. Would love to get more involved in that kind of stuff, but it’s rare around here. So happy to have you onboard, John, and hope you can make a go of it this time and be successful!

Hi Chris,

I’ve been wanting to fly since I was about 6 and I’m 56 now. I know that I’ll never be a commercial pilot so I’ve been looking at Sports Pilot Certificate in the area of gyroplanes.
Two years ago I was able to purchase a new RAF 2000 which I started the build in its trailer (7×14). It’s a little tight but once I got my garage cleaned out last year I almost have it done and waiting to earn the airworthiness certificate. I’ve also been studying for the Gyro test.

Tom, are you located in the states? If so, you may want to look into the Private Pilot. Private Pilot gives you a few more privileges.

I fell in love the 1st time I seen a plane fly over I thought thats the greatest thing in the world. I would like to learn how to fly every type of aircraft made.

I would love to become a commercial pilot flying overseas everyday that’s my dream I’m 21 and my names leon I’m working so hard right now to get my aviation career started

Keep up the hard work, Leon, and keep taking the next step. What’s your action plan as of now?

I was always uninterested in flying, a friend’s dad took me up in a Cessna 182 and I was hooked. I have tried a few times to take lessens I’ve flown about 8 times I do well in the plane ,but back on the ground we open the books and I’m lost I have dyslexia and that makes the ground school part vary hard. I read something in the book that the cfi tells me that is what we did in the plane and I just can’t relate it’s just words to me..

Interesting stuff, Rich. It would certainly be a challenge to deal with that, I’m sure. Honestly, I find that videos are one of the best ways to learn aviation. The second best way to learn after actually doing it is seeing it. Have you seen any videos around, or even a video like this, that seems to help more with your learning the concepts?

I have always been interested in aviation, I became a flight attendant and have been inspired to fly, I didn’t know that almost anyone could become a pilot if they want to and put the effort in. The biggest obstacle for me is the cost and time it takes.

Cost and Time are always really big, as I mentioned in the video. Honestly, I’ve found that while there are better times to do it, those that put it off because they’re too busy will never end up getting it done. And those that think it’ll get cheaper are gravely mistaken. It’s not cheap or easy, but it’s worth it. Let me know how I can help!

I have been on a quest recently to find my passion and purpose! Looking back I realize Aviation flying has always been there staring me in the face calling out my name. Yet I had always kept it suppressed first never understanding the possibility of it for me to be able to fly and two just not recognizing it due to being so focused on raising my son as a single mom in survival mode for the last 21 years. Now that I have had a chance to focus and evaluate my life, who I am what I want to do and who I want to be the realization of being a pilot slapped me right in the face and then when I realized I can do it that is now all I can think about!! It has become my obsession and all I want to do is breath it sleep it live it and totally submerge all that I am into it!!

Wow, what passion! By the way, I did find someone in Juneau that does lessons. I hope the rest of the videos are impactful as well. I’ll probably be updating them soon, but I’m really happy that it’s meant a lot to you! KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

Thanks Chris, they are great.. all are extremely impactful!! I Definitely want to get started on your Ground School Program in addition to current studies I’m doing through AOPA, just ordered the training book pack thru your link now just trying to figure out which of your ground school programs to do. I may contact you later. If your not currently doing the live classes is it still beneficial to sign up for the Platinum? Or can I just upgrade when the live classes are active? My schedule is so busy and jam packed that im not even sure I can clear timing for live classes, I have just been fitting my training and studies in every free chance I get. Which isn’t much, but im still managing to find the time. Funny how it makes a difference when theres a lot more
passion and desire behind your why.

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