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Are you interested in learning to fly but don’t know where to begin? Do you have  someone that you think may be interested in flying? If so, a Discovery Flight is exactly what you need.

During your first flight with us, we’ll learn more about your needs, desires, and dreams as a pilot. Then, we’ll tailor your first flight experience to give you a taste of what being a pilot can add to your life.

A Discovery Flight consists of 1 hour of ground training/discussion and 1 hour of flight time.

This is the first official hour toward your pilot license. We will officially sign your logbook (included) and you will have logged your first hour of flight time.

A Discovery Flight is $150. You can pay when you complete your Intro Flight, or we can draw up a gift certificate you can give to a loved one.


Become a Private Pilot

STAGE I: Focused on Solo

The most common first license a pilot attains is called a Private Pilot License (PPL). This license gives you the authority to legally fly passengers, and yourself, in a variety of airplanes.

Just as with any course or schooling, the first formative days are always the most important. We guide you little-by-little, and lesson-by-lesson and eventually build you up to where you can solo. Becoming a pilot isn’t particularly hard, but there is quite a bit of material to cover, and new motor skills to learn.

Imagine — once you reach solo, you’ll be flying the aircraft by yourself. That’s right, no instructor. And, it can happen sooner than you think.

STAGE II: Cross Country or Bust

Once you achieve Solo Flight, it’s all downhill from there. Then we’ll be working on Cross Country flight, Solo Cross Country Flight, and preparation for your Checkride.

Cross Country Flying (defined as more than 50 miles between airports) is what flying was meant for — going somewhere. You’ll learn the knowledge and skill required to navigate, communicate, and fly the aircraft with precision.

Once you’ve got down the Cross Country Flight Planning with your instructor, you’ll do a variety of Cross Country Solo flights in preparation for your Checkride, and to gain experience.

The Checkride is taken with an official FAA representative who passes you off as safe to perform Private Pilot duties.

STAGE III: Time Required

The minimum hours required to achieve a PPL is 40 hours. However, on average students finish at around 60 hours. These are actual flight hours (engine running) and do not reflect the ground training and study required to pass tests.

It’s also worth noting that we’re wholly invested in your learning to fly correctly and safely. We’re all about the proper way instead of the fast way. Some flight schools will offer accelerated courses, which often don’t account for individual student needs, weather, and maintenance delays.

Besides, whether you’re flying for pleasure or for a career, the foundation of your training will last the entirety of your pilot life. No shortcuts.

All-in-all, we’re here to help guide you through this whole process. No worries, we’ve got your back.


Mountain Flying

It’s already been proven that the world isn’t flat, yet, there are still many flat-land pilots. That is, you may have done most of your flying in an area void of mountains. If you find yourself curious about what it’s like to fly in the mountains, we have just the course for you.

We will traverse the mountains of Kachemak Bay, talking about the ins and outs of flying in the mountains. We’ll even land at airports nestled in the mountains. You’ll gain confidence to fly in the mountains, and leave with many memories of flying in the Alaskan mountains.

Includes up to 6 hours of flight time

Alaska Adventure

Go beyond the basics of the Mountain Flying Course and jump in to the Alaska Adventure Course. We’ll go beyond the Kachemak Mountains near Homer and experience a variety of airports in South Central Alaska, giving you a taste for the variety and challenges of flight in this area.

Potential airports to visit are Seldovia, Ninilchik, Cooper Landing, Soldotna, Kenai, Seward, or even Port Alsworth.

This course will usually involve some other kind of activity, whether that be a hike, or a $100 hamburger, etc.

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